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We just moved out after living here just over 3 years. There is really nothing bad to say. The maintenance crew is responsive and friendly, the office staff is helpful and just downright pleasant. The grounds are well-kept, and we always felt safe and comfortable. On top of that, the rent couldn’t be beat, especially in the area.

Luke Walchuk

It’s the best $/sq ft in West Ashley… All of Charleston maybe?

They aren’t fancy, but the statement above wouldn’t apply if they were.

I’ve always had good responses for maintenance requests.

They have two pools, several picnic areas, and a gym where you pay once for key fob access. The main road is *usually* pleasant to walk on outside of rush hour and some of the side roads are long enough you can skip the main road entirely. Someone will eventually zoom by at 40mph on the main road, but most traffic is considerate.


This is my Second time living here. While the apartments are not updated, for everything you get in the price of rent, it IS the best deal. I am going on my fourth year here, have reviewed all the comments, good and bad, and must state that the office staff are really great people. The “Racist” comment is just a disgruntled person who couldn’t get in due to bad credit or not getting their way. The diversity of people living here is wonderful and not one single person I have spoken with, past resident or current, has nothing bad to state. The maintenance team are the best around, and all work, done in a timely manner. The only thing trashy about this place are the residents who don’t take pride in where they live. The staff is great at making the trashy people adhere to tenant rules, when the trash is out. The only issue I have would be the parking, but hey, its unlike most places (quaterdeck, etc) because I can park close to my unit if not in front instead of walking a good distance from a parking lot to the unit!! While the units are not updated, still maintaining 30 year old cabinets and doors, as well as old appliances, they do still work, and nowhere else in Charleston will you find large square footage that includes water, sewer, garbage AND cable, with two pools, a pond, and screened in porches.

Tony Mixon

Not sure about the negative reviews, cuz Ive had great experiences dealing with the office. Everyone there had always been super nice, especially the rent lady! They always help when I need it! Ill alway recommend Castlewood to everyone. Plus it’s the best deal in West Ash! Don’t let a bag review scare you go in an see for yourself! *****

Andrea Jones

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885 Castlewood Blvd. Charleston, SC 29414

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